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Service List

60 Minute Intuitive Counseling Session 

Intuitive sessions focus on a particular area of your life in which you would like insight and healing. See what set the issue in motion and what positive next steps you may take to bring about resolution and a positive new direction. These sessions delve deep into your unconscious beliefs, thought patterns, fears, and resistance so that you may understand and release blocking patterns that fuel an unwanted situation. Nurture your spiritual self and schedule intuitive sessions to deepen your awareness and support your personal growth. Sessions may be done remotely over the phone, Facetime or Zoom, or in my Spokane office.

60 Minute Reiki Energy Healing 

Usui Reiki is universal healing energy which is transmitted through the palms of the hands to help release blocks--physical, emotional and spiritual--and to recharge your system. These sessions may also incorporate earth and pranic energy techniques to best address the individual needs of each client. Pam will tune in intuitively to explore why areas are blocked and suggest self-care practices to help prevent blocks and imbalances from re-establishing themselves. All sessions are deeply calming and regenerative and especially beneficial when you are stressed, have just had surgery, or are recovering from other physical or emotional challenges.  

80 Minute Combo: Intuitive Counseling & Reiki Session 

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Receive a 55 minute reading on a specific area of concern and then enjoy the physical benefits of a 25 minute reiki energy work session. By first releasing an old pattern of thinking and then releasing the physically expressed blocks, you can open to new energy and ways of moving through your life. Receive new insights and a refreshing, restorative healing for body, mind and spirit with this combination session. Sessions may be done remotely over the phone, Facetime or Zoom or in my office.

30 Minute Mini Reiki Session--Remote or In-person

This session is very convenient because you get to receive it in the comfort of your own home! The mini session is held over the phone, Zoom or Skype and Reiki is transmitted to you remotely. Pam can also offer some suggestions regarding blocks or imbalances perceived during the session and provide insight about self-care you can do at home for continued healing. Or if you simply want an in-person, mini Reiki tune-up for 30 minutes rather than an hour, this session is also for you.

75 Minute Reiki & Essential Oil Reflex Foot Massage

This service helps to restore and balance your energy while also working pressure points on the feet to stimulate healing all over the body. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are diffused aromatically and also used in the foot massage. Pam will help you choose the best essential oil for your service based on your issues and preferences. This session is usually 50 min Reiki and 25 min reflexive foot massage and is great when you're feeling worn out or just need some extra TLC.

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Pam Flowerday

Intuitive Counsel & Healing

Phone: 510.701.0204

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Monday through Fridays:

10:00 - 7:00 p.m.

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The Lotus Spokane

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